Kindle Fire

If you're considering purchasing a Kindle Fire, the design and features have changed a great deal since the first model was released in 2011.

Amazon has changed the models and features over the years but the current versions do support a different operating interface that resembles features that are similar to Android controls but included the same sliding menu system as previous Kindle device have that isn't a traditional Android interface.

The current version is 8th generation. The size is very thin which means that cases and enclosures for this particular version of kindle Fire must be purchased from Amazon. The generation series has a few color choices (for the back of the tablet as well) and the cases can match the device. The cases can act as a stand and do provide an opening for the rear camera as well.

If you want to put a screen protector on them, it is a good idea to get one that is non glossy so that it can be used outside or in bright light conditions to reduce the glare (similar to how a Standard Kindle is setup).

One feature I do like about Fire tablets (why I purchase them over other tablets that I have had over the years) is that the battery life is better than most tablets. Typically, the battery life lasts for two years but with most models, that life has been extended by four or more years. If you ever want to consider upgrading, Amazon does provide an exchange program for all Kindle devices they sell that can be used for upgrade purposes (unless you want a gift card for other purposes).

Features of Kindle Fire 7

Video playback - Some models will play HD, some do not.  The video playback is great.

Built in memory size - 8 gb or 16 gb (I own the 8gb model and regret it because many apps produced by Amazon use the built in memory rather than the extender memory you can add using an flash memory card).

Expandable memory using flash memory cards - up to 256 gb (recommend using San Disk class 10 memory for video playback and reliability).

Battery Life - 12 hours (if you want better battery life and just read books, get the standard Kindle)

Alexa is included with the device and can be used to control other Alexa Enabled devices including Fire TV

As with all Kindle Fire devices, cloud storage options are available to backup photos, music libraries (purchased for Amazon), and video libraries.

Kindle Fire tablets can be used to connect to other computer systems using apps through SSH (secure shell). App available can change very quickly from Amazon. Some apps that you may have used on previous Kindle Fire devices may no longer be available to you. There are 3rd options but check the reviews first before downloading.

OpenVPN does work on Kindle Fire.

Anti virus feature are a bit limited.