Amazon Section

This section will discuss Amazon products and services

Many of these have changed since the last classes were taught. During that time, many changes have happened to the current product line as well as the release of Echo.

Because the Amazon product line is used primarily by older demo graphs (the reason why the classes started) sometimes the questions covered on the product line have had difficulties updating with Amazon's website as new products and updates are released. This site will attempt to address it. Many Amazon device models are very different from model to model. A newer Kindle tablet (the one used just for books) is very different than models produced two years ago. This site will cover the current version.

Our household uses Amazon products for streaming and other mobile purposes using Fire TV, Kindle, Echo, and Kindle Fire. In the next few weeks the page will be updated to go over them.

Amazon Association

My association with Amazon started at the beginning of the company when distribution channels were being setup during th 1990s throughout the Puget Sound Area. As a vendor for Amazon at the time, I did assist in support and repair of office equipment some of it with Jeff Bezos looking over since he was very hands on the early days of the company. Before the current distribution centers were in operation in Kent and Algona, the system was spread out all over the valley floor. Thankfully it is a bit more consolidated these days.

After relocating to the Willamette Valley, there was interest by the City of Albany to teach classes at the local senior center the started in June of 2012 and continued until March of 2016. The classes were expanded over time to over subjects that were taught in Saturday morning sessions (the reason why this website was setup).

Since that time, Amazon has expanded their distribution channels into the Willamette Valley as business grows. Many have enjoyed using their electronic book systems and their tablets that are low cost and have better battery lives than the competitor models. While they are designed to benefit Amazon services, there are some options that you can use to make a tablet into a portable computer system as well.

This section will go over the uses and applications.

A standard Echo Dot in vehicle using a magnetic attachment to clip onto a/c vent (using 12 volt USB adapter with 1 amp).