Amazon Fresh

While covering things about The Commons (and it's history) a new store opens, Amazon Fresh.

While Saturday Night Live did a skit about the implications of cashless payment processing, this payment system is a bit more accountable.

The Amazon app contains an option to use an In-Store Code. This QR code will give you access to get into the store. Overhead, are sensors that observe what you pick up while you are in the store connecting them to your account.

While in the store four items were purchased:

A bottle of water

An 8 can package of La Croix

An alcholic beverage (the only part of the store requiring a person to verify ID before purchasing anything).

2 bananas (not sold by the bunch)

There were a few times when items were switched to see what would happen.

When leaving the gate The QR code on the mobile device is scanned, the card is charged, and the gate opens.

The receipt is generated and displayed on the Amazon app.

For those that want to shop the traditional way, registers are available.

Items ordered on Amazon can be picked up from the store.

The store contains a deli with a salad bar, soups, and other hot food items. Fresh meat and seafood are available.

It was a smaller store than expected with a black ceiling that can help to hide the technology overhead. It may look like Metropolitan Market on the outside but it isn't (technology or no technology).

Like many stores, grocery pickup is available.

It is hard to believe that this was once a Sears store. Another grand opening I attended in April of 1976.