About the Website

timbabcock.net was started in August of 2002 operating on a server hosted by Earthlink.

 It was used as a marketing platform to develop websites for commercial and non-profit organizations that were beginning to take an interest in having websites for their purposes.

The website was relocated to Federal Way Washington in 2003 and operated as a blog based website for various information and other  purposes using .NET Framework to develop websites and other applications.

The website was responsible for launching anythingmade.com, a craft based website similar to what Etsy is today. It was released in 2003 when many were not familiar with using a digital camera or posting personal information for sale that was released way too early to the public.

In 2009, the website was relocated to the Willamette Valley and was used for educational purposes while attending Linn Benton Community College, Oregon State University, and Eastern Oregon University for projects, creation of curriculum, and posting of class notes.

In 2012, the website was transformed to a tech support site that is in use today as classes were started in Albany to teach technology classes to the community of Albany for five years.

As technology has changed, this website is designed to focus on the changes as well (change is constant) covering topics that you will not find from a technology store where many of this facilities are more focused on sales than support.

Since 1984, the webmaster has taught hundreds of people, businesses, and non profit organizations throughout the Puget Sound area as well as the Willamette Valley, on how to use technology including DOS, XENIX, Windows and the applications used (Microsoft Office and other Windows based applications) along with Android based devices.