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40 years of IT Support

In 1984, IT changes were happening in two different areas that would direct how the future was going to look like.

Intel released the 286 microprocessor that would allow an operating system to use Xenix (a version of the mainframe Unix operating system) to operate a computer that could work with government, small business, and non-profit organizations to use off the shelf programs (written in COBOL) to handle accounting and other business tasks without the need for having a main frame or mid range computer.

1984 was also the year of the Apple Macintosh computer. A computer that would transform the graphic arts and media industry by creating an electronic method for desiging artwork that would eventually lead to desktop publishing, audio and video production into an electronic and digtal format.

As the first phase of IT training was completed in Seattle, in March of 1984, these two technologies would be used heavily for work and support until Windows and the internet was released.

When the time came to relocate to the Willamette Valley, cloud technology was beta-tested and used for both Google and Microsoft years before it would be used in colleges and major business settings giving many in the community an opportunity to see the next era as Central and Eastern Oregon would house many of the servers used for backing up our computer and mobile devices in a secured setting.

Within 40 years, these technologies have been integrated into home and business settings that are the same (many 80's home computers weren't compatibale with the business computers) while integrating mobile technology that can communicate to home, office, or cloud servers quickly to take care of many of our daily tasks.

In August of 2020, the opportunity of bringing in house cloud servers was presented (through Nextcloud) using the next generation of smaller computers to provide network security services, collaboration services for office documents, and this year a solid state way of handling and managing website services through a computer no bigger than a pack of cigarettes with more power than most 1980's computers IBM or HP made.

As many are working more from homes, the technology between home and office is transparent with high speed internet connections to procress data, voice, and video at the same that in 1984 would have been regarded as science fiction.

Want to learn to code?

For the past few years, I have been working with a few on how to program using Visual Basic.

This computer language has been use (on this website) for twenty years but it isn't the only one used.

Coding topics won't be covered on this website but will covered on the website that is used to promote software applications that work with MySQL Server for record keeping and financial transactions.

Visual Basic isn't 80's BASIC (how I hate the name) but it is a very powerful language that can do a great many things in a very organized way.