Webside Upgrades

In May, the website has been modified to add some more pages.

These upgrades will also allow transfers from the standard website to the mobile website (based on whate device is in use).

This site is also looking to see where the interests are so that new content can be added to the site as needed.

This site is upgraded on a part time basis while another partime app development business is in operation.

Some sections of the website will have icons to switch from certain pages, within a section of the website. This is being tested on the Alaska section that has been added this week (still under development).

In addition, a new slide show control will be added as well. The current version will display images in a random order (with the posiibility of duplicates).

Want to learn to code?

For the past few years, I have been working with a few on how to program using Visual Basic.

This computer language has been use (on this website) for twenty years but it isn't the only one used.

Coding topics won't be covered on this website but will covered on the wifile.com website that is used to promote software applications that work with MySQL Server to use for recordkeeping and financial transactions.

Visual Basic isn't 80's BASIC (how I hate the name) but it is a very powerful language that does a great many things in a very organized way.

Not all USB (type C) chargers are the same

Many devices are using USB (type C) chargers these days including computers such as Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi's.

Just because these devices have the same end that will work with your mobile phone, doesn't mean that you should use them to charge your phone.

These computer devices require additional amps to charge their batteries or operate them that are higher than the amps used on your phone.

Using the wrong charger (not the one that came with your phone) can create the following:


Cracking of the mobile device

Possible battery explosion

Voiding of the warranty because the approved charger wasn't used.

Amps are the killer to mobile electronics. Too many can destroy the device.

Be wise when charging your electronics.