Video about August 2023 website changes



Website updates

Change is constant with tech. This website will be getting upgraded to the latest Microsoft platform.

These site upgrades should be completed by November 9th.

The current site will continue to operate while the new system is compiled and tested.

About the search engine commercial you may be seeing in the United States

This website does focus on some of the tech commercials that you be seeing from time to time focusing on their validity (based on the narrative they are implying).

Normally names aren't discussed of whom the business is but let's just the say the University of Oregon mascot is in the name.

While it is a good search engine idea that they are providing, they are not looking a the big picture which focuses on EU compliances that requires the reporting of any tracking method or usage of services that assist in the prevention of compromising information stored on a web server as well rules and regulations for the State of California that require security of confidential information .

A cookie compliance message on a website (such as this one) is there to make you aware of the responsibilities of it's usage (rather than the opposite message this commercial has demonstrated).

Our tracking information is audited by a third party company that reports (in the legal section of this website) what is collected and it's necessity.

This year, the websites hosted have even added an addition layer of encryption when visiting any page that hinders the possibility of any man in the middle attacks (if possible).

Website guidelines (on this network) follow guidelines that any company that is publicly traded or represents a government agency in the United States follows.

Google does provide the ReCaptcha code services that corporations and government agencies provide to prevent spam and other information from being collected. If you do not reside in the US or Canada, you can't send email which our auditing provider agrees with.

While this website isn't available on that search engine, the legal page on this site states what is collected and how it is used.

This is an example of a commercial that has good intentions but doesn't really explain what the real meaning of the necessity of a cookie notification that they may be responsible to convey in the future.

Perhaps it is an attack on Google they may have legal implications in how the message was presented since it has ruffled a few feathers.

Never expect a 30 second commercial to cover the fine print or both sides of the story. There isn't enough time to do so.

Want to learn to code?

For the past few years, I have been working with a few on how to program using Visual Basic.

This computer language has been use (on this website) for twenty years but it isn't the only one used.

Coding topics won't be covered on this website but will covered on the website that is used to promote software applications that work with MySQL Server for record keeping and financial transactions.

Visual Basic isn't 80's BASIC (how I hate the name) but it is a very powerful language that can do a great many things in a very organized way.