Tim Babcock

Mobile Device Support


A Holiday Shopping Tip

During the holiday shopping season, you may be influenced by television commercials suggesting the convenience of combining your smart phone with your wallet or purse.

Since this site emphasises data responsibility, being responsibile with financial/personal information from theives by separating your smartphone from you purse or wallet.

Treat your phone as another wallet as never put the two together.

Website Operations during the Covid-19 outbreak

Since there will times that working from home is needed, this website will transfer to a Google Site during this tibyme. Additional networking equipment will be installed to handle the workload increasing within the next few weeks.

Looking for a good case?

It is a bad idea to use a phone without a case when these phones are wrapped around glass and plastic and can be slippery to hold onto to (it's a phone, not a dinner plate).

Many who have purchased Otter Box cases, over the past few years, haven't been happy that after all the physics data Otter Box gives you, the sides aren't well protected.

Some of that is the result of buying a new phone right away, without waiting three to six months for third party companies to make adequate accessories (this is always been an IT problem that has happened for 40 years). Sometimes it doesn't pay to be first with the latest and the greatest.

My new phone is protected with a case from Evocel. They make cases for every phone out there. They are stylish, rugged, and shock proof.