Tim Babcock

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Android/Google Section

This section will cover Android and Google products and services.

In the next few weeks, there will be information regarding Chromebooks, Chromecast, and Google email services for business

In addition Google Drive will be added as well and how it works for backing up your files and photos


I purchased a Chromebook on Amazon at a really good price. The commercials are accurate in what it does.

I used it on Amtrak (before Covid happened) traveling between Albany and Tacoma (working on websites). The battery life on the Chromebook was better than the phone. It usually doesn't need a charge until 12 hours of use.

Is boots up quickly. There are no magnetic, hard disk drives built in. You can add flash memory using the memory card port or USB or plug in an external hard drive using the USB ports.  The battery makes this device very lighweight to carry as well.

Believe it or not, this website was constructed and maintained using a Chromebook with SSH (secured shell) and SFTP (the secured versions of file transfer protocol) as well as remote desktop for Windows using a third party app that has a small annual fee.

I did go through the process of adding Linux (Ubuntu xfce) to the system (see Git Hub instructions on how to do so if your device isn't under warranty). It is an older version (16.4) but it does work for running Java applications and it will work on Steam Games as well. If you have a newer model, you will notice that Linux option is available in the computer settings (without going through the Git Hub process and it doesn't affect the warranty).

Google has taken over the educational sector for putting technology into students hands (at a very low price) and it is pretty clear why they have a majority of the market using lower priced, secure, reliable, and easy to use computers that can be easily maintained as well as a cloud infrastructure that can manage your files as well.

There isn't reason a reason to lose you homework with this device (as long as you saved it to Google Drive).