Streaming and Casting Devices

Over the years, I have had some concerns about smart TV's. While I like Vizio TVs, their smart TV's have had some security issues. As a result of this, I leave the stream to off the shelf devices that are available and three different brands are used in the house.


The thing I like about Roku is that you can use video services you may already have with Google (this includes You Tube), Vudu, Sling, and Amazon. They don't pick sides. With Roku (as well as all streaming devices listed on this page) you can watch Hulu, Netflix, and Disney (as well as numerous other channels) just by loading the apps you want.

Another feature that separates others is if you are part of religious faith or organization, chances are this device has an app for that.

This device does provide apps for the networks and cable stations you like as well as Sirius XM.

They are easy to setup and use. Some models include the option of attaching headphones as well.

Their stock does well on Wall Street too. There is a good reason why.

(a Roku device (it can be attached to TV using adhesive included)

Kindle Fire TV

Like Roku, Amazon Fire TV is a similar device and recent updates have allowed playback of You Tube and Google movies and streaming through one app (on Roku they are separate).

The remote is voice activated and works with Alexa as well. If you are concerned about the big brother elements of Alexa, you can control it on your own as long as an Echo device isn't connected to your home network.

Amazon allows playback of games through their app library but games will play better on higher end models (if Amazon still supports it).

Bluetooth devices can pair to Fire TV including keyboards, mice, trackballs, and game controllers (check with Amazon for compatibility questions).

Some Fire TV model allow for an Ethernet connection using an inexpensive dongle that plugs into the Fire TV device available from Amazon if you don't want to stream wireless but it is a 100MB connection and not a 1gb connection.

Apple + is available for Kindle Fire as well.