Alaska 2022

After having family living in The Frontier State for over 30 years, it was time to make the trip.

The travel to Anchorage by plane was a smooth three hour flight leaving Sea Tac in hot weather to arrive in cooler temperatures and rain.

(Source: Wikipedia-Creative Commons Licensing)


The largest city in the state reminded me of Tacoma. It is a city with a few tall buildings that are mostly hotels and banks. Perhaps the concerns of earthquakes may be the reason.

A downtown street in Anchorage

Many airlines no longer use 747 planes for passenger travel but Anchorage does with operations for cargo shipments as a hub for the 49th state.

Using T-Mobile in Alaska

When Using T-Mobile in Alaska, you will notice that you will be partnered with GCI (a cable, internet, and cell phone provider covering Alaska).

T-Mobile does have a partnership with the company in order to provide service.

5g services were working in Anchorage and Wasilla. Some of these were taken in areas that were considered remote to any carrier.

Using T-Mobile for Inflight Service with Alaska Airlines

The free inflight wifi service worked well on the phone (when using Alaska Airlines) but if you choose to use your Chromebook (and it doesn't have a sim card it) be prepared to pay the $8.00 if you are flying coach.

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