About the networking equipment your ISP is letting you rent

While this site, the internet, and TV commercials may give you some wonderful ideas for home security systems and other ways of home connectivity, the best way to save yourself from any connectivity or usage concerns, is to return modems and routers that you rent back to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and purchase your own.

If your ISP is selling the similar security systems and you didn't purchase or rent them, never assume that the competitors equipment is going to work when using their networking equipment.

Believe it not, there are many advantages to purchasing your own modems, routers, wi-fi extenders, and other networking equipment for your home needs for the following reasons:

1) Better bandwidth (I have tested it and the store bought usually wins)

2) Lower cable bill eliminating the rental fess.

3) The possibility that your home networking equipment is being used as a hot spot services by your ISP that you may not have any control over (a security concern).

4) Better security that you can control and should be able to do so when it comes to firewall and IP management.

5) The better you keep your costs down with your ISP will benefit you in a long run for saving money, faster speed, and better security.

6) The ability to attach hard drives and other storage devices to routers available today to backup your phones and play them back on other devices in your home. If you don't like other companies maintaining your files on their cloud services, you have the choice to manage your own (a part of the pro active message this website provides).

The same thing applies to cable boxes (you might not have a choice with satellite TV). We use Tivo (after all they have the patents to most of the technology the cable/satellite provider tells you that you can do with theirs). We have had voice activated remote apps for years.

A tip about wi-fi extenders:

Always buy wi-fi extenders from the same manufacturer that made your router to avoid security concerns.