Do you need a printer?

When I was selling computers in the 1980's and 1990's, a printer was usually bundled into the sale. Overtime, printers have become separate devices that don't have to be plugged into the computer functioning as their own computer connected by ether-net or wifi managing the scanning, storage, and printing of documents.

There was a time when I fixed copiers, fax machines, and printers. While there has been a significant decline due to electronic document storage (such as Nextcloud) you can still use a scanner, with a printer, for these cloud based systems to help with the storage.

Many use electronic documents and may not see the need for a printer, but there are some are a few reasons why you should have one:

1. printing documents for work (sometimes you may be restricted from doing this from home).

2. Homework. While many are doing schooled from home, submitting electronic documents to a drop folder is a standard practice but for those who are a classroom setting, turning them in on paper may be a preferred method.

3. Legal/important documents. While many of these are electronic, some may still be on paper. Scanning them to store them in a cloud folder is a secure way to keep them backed up if you need a copy for future use.

4. Photographs. Many places can still print photos for you but for some, as the equipment has broken down, they are not being replaced with updated equipment due to the shrinking demand of paper photos. Sometimes, printing your own photos can be less expensive.

5. Postage/Shipping Labels. Printing shipping labels can save you on shipping costs than going to the post office or another shipping store.

6. Scanning your important documents to a local computer or a cloud folder. There is rule we have the house for years know as SSS (Scanner, Server, Shredder). As we have integrated the Nextcloud server as a document storage cents, it is easier to store them this way in a secure environment that can be accessed from any computer and/or mobile device. There is reason why many filing cabinets are in thrift stores and not in offices.

7. Printers are not the same as they were in the 1980's and early 90's. They are no longer noisy. They don't require tractor fed paper.

Many printers are very inexpensive to purchase and can require only two ink jet cartridges to operate (1 for black and white, 1 for color) that have lower costs in the past few years.

Apps are available to operate the printer from you mobile device allow you to print from home as well as well as when your away from home as well.