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Cloud Server Options


Onedrive cloud service is available for free to anyone that has an active email account from a Microsoft service (msn, hotmail, or live). If you are an Microsoft 365 subscriber or have a license to use the current Office 2013 software system, you have 1TB available for storage of photos and documents.

One Drive can be used to sync photos and files from your smartphone to the cloud. If you aren't happy with what Apple or Google provides, this is may be a solution

This service can integrate into any Windows 8 computer and is already added to 8.1 and 10 operating systems.  For Windows 8 computers, you can download the app for your computer at:

Office files can be created through Onedrive using a web browser (you are given the option to use the standard Office program on your computer as well).

Microsoft 365 is available as a family plan. One monthly fee covers 5 family members

Microsoft does provide limited storage space with any Microsoft email account (msn, hotmail, or live accounts).  Additional storage can be purchased for a monthly fee.  1TB of storage is available when current Microsoft Office applications are purchased using the perpetual licensing method. 

Google Drive (Google One)

Google Drive is available for free if you have an active Gmail account.  The service is available from any web browser at the website:

Google One

A paid cloud service provided by Google that can backup your files from your mobile device. They are even nice enough to provide a Google Play Store credit as well.

Google One is available as a family plan. One monthly covers five family members.


Box provides 10gb at no charge.


Dropbox is a useful cloud storage system for backing up files as well as storage of secured documents.  Like Onedrive, Dropbox can be integrated into Microsoft Office for creating and updating files using cloud storage, rather than your local hard drive.

Dropbox is a cross platform cloud system that works with many devices available for Apple, Blackberry, Microsoft, and Linux devices.

Dropbox does provide a free limited storage with addition options to add more free storage (up to 8gb) with referrals.

Monthly plans are available for individual users as well as businesses.

Amazon customers are given a cloud section for purchased digital materials (books, magazines, videos, and MP3s) from the site. 5gb is given for personal files. This area can be increased for personal use by an annual subscription. Details are available at Search for the Amazon Cloud PC app using the search bar at the top of the web page.

Details are available on the Amazon website


For those that choose to make their own, this app is free and is a very secured and powerful service:

Nextcloud website (

The Linux section will cover how setup one up for home use.