Amazon Kindle

If you like books whether they are for visual or audio enjoyment, the Kindle is a good choice.

There have been many improvements over the years with the popular ebook device, including making the device water resistant (not waterproof) on the front of the screen in case you use it in front of the pool (not in the pool).

Current models have more memory for storing books. My ebook library is pretty extensive from college use as well as IT use (about 250 books in the library). While many in the library aren't necessary to keep in the reader, but there is about 78 of them downloaded to the device. If you need an IT reference library (when making websites like this one) it isn't a problem to keep all the materials in this device.

For Audible use, this device has the capability of pairing to a bluetooth device for headphone use as well. For my friends and family members enduring the long commute to work in the Puget Sound Area, you can easily pair it to your cars audio system (if it is Bluetooth capable) to listen to the books while the busy communte drags on.

If you use it for work like I do (for reading computer manuals all day) you can use it without a recharge during and eight hour day. In fact you will find that even with extended periods of use, you only have to stick it on the charger once a week.