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Nextcloud Intro Video released.

Details available on the Nextcloud page.

The first video in this series took some time to get recorded and produced. It is a 90 minute video that coveres the one-time setup before installing the cloud application.

The second video will be released in February covering the installation of Nextcloud.

While this video is long, it can up downloaded (for personal use only) and stopped at anytime

A detailed page will be setup (within the next few days) in the Nextcloud section that will provide each video, the Power Point, and a class transcript.

The availability is getting better. I recently ordered a 8gb model to replace the 4bg model running Nextcloud. Recent updates have squeezed the memory for caching (2gb at maximum) resulting in the collaboration server not able to load.

In the next few weeks, the server will be replaced to be used for the second video to be released in January.

This is a inexpensive and reliable solution to backup your phone data to another computer using a small computer that can easily sit next to networking equipment as well as your entertainment center.

Many aren't familiar with the product because it is a product that is supported for educational purposes from a non-profit organization in Great Britian that is used by many for security systems, networking equipment, robots, and even lighting for the holidays that has been around for 10 years.

Many have chose to buy computers simply as a status symbol or bling but never had a budget for another computer to back the phone up. This is a solution that is reliable, secure, and easy to use once the one time setup is completed.

Window 11 Upgrade

There is a page for the Window 11 upgrade, in the Microsoft section.

This upgrade is only covering certain processors. The web page should help to answer any questions you may have.

Not all USB (type C) chargers are the same

Many devices are using USB (type C) chargers these days including computers such as Chromebooks and Raspberry Pi's.

Just becuse these devices have the same end that will work with your mobile phone, doesn't mean that you should use them to charge your phone.

These computer devices require additional amps to charge their batteries or operate them that are higher than the amps used on your phone.

Using the wrong charger (not the one that came with your phone) can create the following:


Cracking of the mobile device

Possible battery explosion

Voiding of the warranty becuase the approved charger wasn't used.

Amps are the killer to mobile electronics. Too many can destroy the device.

Be wise when charging your electronics.