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Nextcloud Intro Video to be released in December

The first video in this series took some time to get recorded and produced but it will be realeased on the seconde week of December as editing is being completed at this time.

The availability is getting better. I recently ordered a 8gb model to replace the 4bg model running Nextcloud. Recent updates have squeezed the memory for caching (2gb at maximum) resulting in the collaboration server not able to load.

In the next few weeks, the server will be replaced to be used for the second video to be released in January.

This is a inexpensive and reliable solution to backup your phone data to another computer using a small computer that can easily sit next to networking equipment as well as your entertainment center.

Many aren't familiar with the product because it is a product that is supported for educational purposes from a non-profit organization in Great Britian that is used by many for security systems, networking equipment, robots, and even lighting for the holidays that has been around for 10 years.

Many have chose to buy computers simply as a status symbol or bling but never had a budget for another computer to back the phone up. This is a solution that is reliable, secure, and easy to use once the one time setup is completed.

Sir Clive Sinclair Passed Away

(logo and photo source: (under creative commons licence))


On September 16, 2021, Sir Clive Sinclair passed away.

He was an innovator of electronic devices in England including calculators as well as low budget computers used by many to learn how to program.

A Timex-Sinclair 1000 was purchased on October 5, 1982 to learn how to program computers using BASIC. It was replaced in March of 1983 with the Texas Instruments Home Computer (used for the rest of the 1980s) but was still used for solving math problems including using it as a graphing caluclator (when connected to the memory module and printer) years before hand held calculators were developed.

Many have contributed thier start in the IT industry from him including Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Sinclair computers could be purchased in Popular Electronics magazines from England as a kit or already built. These low cost computers ($100-$200) were powered by Z80A processors that were common in many higher end computers such as Kaypro but without the disk drives using a membrane keyboard (these devices were updated later on with the features on other models made).

Raspberry Pi hasn't ignored the legacy that Sir Clive Sinclair started 40 years with devices that can be used to learn to code while learning basic electronics.