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Can't keep track of the data saved on your phone?

Don't know if your data from your phone is getting backed up?

Don't want to pay subscription fees for cloud services to backup your phone?

For about $200 you can create your own cloud server with Nextcloud.

Nextcloud is a server application (designed for Linux computers) the creates a cloud based platform to synchronize with your phone, tablet, or computer.

Nextcloud works with a DavX app (available for download from Apple and Google for a small charge) to backup contacts and calendar appointments to your own in house cloud server.

For details, visit the website Nextcloud.com

Recommended hardware

Raspberry pi 4b with a minimum of 4gb of Ram

(Should have an enclosure with heat sinks, working fan, and proper power supply)

128 gb micro SD card

2 TB hard disk drive

Ubuntu Server version 20 (64 bit)

MySQL 8.0 (64 bit)

PHP version 7.4


Separate computer and hard drive to operate MySQL server (for better performance).